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Maintenance. Regular maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to maximize the efficiency, longevity and value of your vehicle. Let us help you keep your ride in top condition. Follow instructions in your owner's manual for minimum maintenance, or ask us for recommendations for maximum efficiency and longevity based upon our experience with your vehicle type and driving patterns.

Low maintenance doesn't mean *no* maintenance. Feel free to ask us about anything related to your vehicle, it's our job to keep you on the road, running safely and efficiently!

Suspension/wheel alignment. Proper suspension and wheel alignment is essential to maximize vehicle control, efficiency, and tire wear. One of our customers (who tracks his fuel mileage religiously) reported a 2.2 MPG improvement and reduced steering effort after we aligned his car. Signs that you may need an alignment are: damage (did you hit a curb or large pothole?), uneven tire wear, 'pulling' to one side of the road or 'wandering', or steering wheel shake at or near highway speeds. Any time suspension work is performed or when new tires are installed, an alignment should be considered. Aligning your wheels without bringing the suspension into proper condition is a waste of money, so we will inspect your suspension and ask for permission to do any necessary repairs before we perform an alignment.