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Maintenance. Regular maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to maximize the efficiency, longevity and value of your vehicle. Let us help you keep your ride in top condition. Follow instructions in your owner's manual for minimum maintenance, or ask us for recommendations for maximum efficiency and longevity based upon our experience with your vehicle type and driving patterns.

Low maintenance doesn't mean *no* maintenance. Feel free to ask us about anything related to your vehicle, it's our job to keep you on the road, running safely and efficiently!

Axles. Gear lubricant is generally very long lasting unless the vehicle is used for towing or other high load duty, or has been contaminated. Front wheel drive vehicle gears share lubricant with the transmission, so both are serviced simultaneously and should follow the more aggressive transmission service schedule. All wheel or four wheel drive vehicles require regular maintenance to keep the complex power distribution systems (transaxle, transfer case, axle) healthy, as repairs can be and are often very expensive if lubricants are contaminated or permitted to wear out. Proper tire inflation, size, and balanced wear are critical to keep all/four wheel drive systems from wearing or failing prematurely. Signs that you may need repair or service are a howling or whining noise, vibration that follows road speed, improper engagement of the auxiliary drive, or submersion of an axle by driving through deep water. Feel free to consult us for recommendations on service intervals.