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Maintenance. Regular maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to maximize the efficiency, longevity and value of your vehicle. Let us help you keep your ride in top condition. Follow instructions in your owner's manual for minimum maintenance, or ask us for recommendations for maximum efficiency and longevity based upon our experience with your vehicle type and driving patterns.

Low maintenance doesn't mean *no* maintenance. Feel free to ask us about anything related to your vehicle, it's our job to keep you on the road, running safely and efficiently!

Cooling systems. Coolant (also called antifreeze) is used to lubricate pumps, conduct heat, and protect metal parts in the cooling system from corrosion. Like any protectant, it is meant to be sacrificial; it is less expensive to replace than the more expensive systems it is protecting. Coolant wears out as chemical bonds are broken mechanically (being scrubbed between bearings in your coolant/water pump), thermally (overheating), contamination (condensation of atmospheric moisture or other mixing with incompatible substances), or chemically (as ionic bonds are created and broken with the metal parts in the system). Periodic flushing is necessary to remove abrasive contaminants in the system, like casting sand (from the manufacturer original assembly), or precipitates from corrosion (the white, green or brown schmutz). Fresh coolant replenishes corrosion inhibitors and lubricants, and thus keeps pump wear and heat exchanger (radiator and heater core) corrosion to a minimum. There are several types of coolant (silicate/no silicate, organic/inorganic), and some are incompatible. Mixing incompatible coolant types can cause serious problems with seals, corrosion, and cooling efficiency. Which one to use depends on the types of metals used in your cooling system. Regular coolant flushes are key to long heat exchanger and coolant pump life, and low repair costs.