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Maintenance. Regular maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to maximize the efficiency, longevity and value of your vehicle. Let us help you keep your ride in top condition. Follow instructions in your owner's manual for minimum maintenance, or ask us for recommendations for maximum efficiency and longevity based upon our experience with your vehicle type and driving patterns.

Low maintenance doesn't mean *no* maintenance. Feel free to ask us about anything related to your vehicle, it's our job to keep you on the road, running safely and efficiently!

Tire inflation. Proper inflation of your tires is probably the single most influential vehicle factor for overall performance and comfort on a healthy vehicle. Correct inflation pressure is important for several reasons: it maximizes vehicle fuel efficiency, tire life, ride comfort, and vehicle control (especially in adverse weather conditions). The placard installed in the door jamb of all modern vehicles by the vehicle manufacturer is sufficient for almost all conditions... but if you carry heavy loads, drive off-road frequently, or have non-standard tires or equipment installed, let us help you determine the correct tire pressure by comparing the tire manufacturer load index chart to your vehicle usage. We suggest checking your inflation pressure regularly (every fuel stop is a great habit!) ask us if you need help learning how to do this.

Tire rotation. Don't forget to rotate your tires! Other than wear balancing to maximize tire life, and providing a good opportunity to fully inspect your tires, another reason to rotate your tires is corrosion between the wheel and hub. If you have aluminum wheels (many newer vehicles do), and you drive in an area that uses road salt or is exposed to sea air, the corrosion created between the aluminum wheel and the steel hub will create a chemical 'glue' (actually an ionic bond called galvanic corrosion) that is incredibly strong. This atomic glue can make it difficult or impossible to change a tire on the roadside if you have a flat. Regularly rotate or at least unmount and remount each tire to break this bond. We suggest tire rotation and tire wear/damage inspection at every oil change. Don't forget to rotate in your full size spare or check the air pressure in your temporary spare regularly!